Benefits of Learning Alphabets For Toddlers

In any person’s life knowing the alphabet is very important, but it is more crucial for little ones especially toddlers. We all are aware of the fact that letters and sounds form sentences and words. In this way we communicate with each other. This is the reason why learning the alphabet is important for your toddler as well. It’s how they will learn to communicate and spark with you and others. Learning the alphabet is the foundation of learning any language. Every individual learns the alphabets first, no matter the language which is valid for your toddler as well. It is better to introduce your toddler with letters and sounds as early as possible.

In a child’s life, learning the alphabet should be their top priority. Unfortunately, most of the children begin their building and learning their language skills to school. But that’s not the correct approach. Toddlers before the age of 3 should be introduced to the alphabets. Learning the alphabets at a tender age will help your toddler to read and write at a very young age. Alphabets are crucial for kids’ learning process. In order to make your kid literate, they should be able to recognize each letter as well as sounds related to that letter. Once they are thorough with the letters then your child is on the right track of reading and literacy.

In this article, we have mentioned three ways to help your toddler to get familiar with ABCs

4 Ways To Make Your Kid Familiar With Alphabet ABC’s

1. Make your Kid look for Letter Every day

In your daily activities and routine there are various methods where you can examine letters with your kid. Try to observe your kid as they engage themselves in the world around them. If they are concentrating on signs and logos like restaurant logos, restroom signs, exit logos, etc. Always try to utilize these opportunities to point out and name letters with your kid.

2. Make them Learn Their Own Name

Make your kid learn to identify their own name and letters that spell it. You should begin by showing your kid his/her full name in functional ways. You can make an effort by putting labels and stickers on the backpack and lunch box or inside the covers of their favourite textbooks.

3. Magnetic learning Need to be Implemented

Once your kid is familiar with a few alphabets such as alphabets related to their names then you can expand their knowledge by putting magnetic alphabet letters on the refrigerator. Also, make them learn names of other family members and by spelling simple words is a great practice. It will help your kid to communicate something in writing.

4. Start Simple

Don’t burden your kid with all 26 letters at once. Firstly, concentrate on teaching them a few letters at a time and allow your kid to see, hear and experience that letter in an ample number of ways. You should remember that kids learn by utilizing their senses so alphabets for toddlers books can be a useful tool. Alphabet colouring pages and crafts can also help reinforce your child’s knowledge of letters.

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