Best Speakers for True Audiophile Experience

Speakers include the larger part of any home theater or audio system. And it only gets better or a matter of necessity when one is looking for something that will last for years or even forever. Not only for home, but speakers are also essential for studios and any other setup where someone may want that real bass experience and a little music for any purpose.

Usually, people tend to misuse the word audiophile just for the sake of it. But it calls for a lot of considerations for a speaker to meet this classification. If someone is an adamant admirer of that booming sound and classy base from their system, then it is right to say their preference for audiophile speakers is topnotch.

For a speaker to meet this class, it must have an impressive or out of the ordinary performance. Part of this will include their structural designs, materials, or even the engineering it comes with. But let us address something here first. The speakers’ market is so vast, quite large such that it can be challenging to go for the right machine. It is even hard to single out any speaker and claim it is the best of them all.

Different people, of course, will advocate for some brands without considering other people’s tastes. The brands themselves, like the popular ELAC, claim they have the best speakers in the market. All in all, a perfect audiophile speaker should, at all measures, meet some considerations. Whether someone decides to go for the ELAC’s best audiophile speakers or go for other brands, the bare minimum requirement remains the same.

Also, crucial to note while going for a speaker is to consider it an investment and not something that will be replaced sooner or later. It is also expensive to upgrade or replace speakers, and getting something once and for all to meet even future needs will come a long way to bring a significant difference. Nevertheless, below are some of the top considerations anyone will want to look out for when choosing a speaker.


Audiophile speakers indeed come in various shapes and sizes. Despite that undisputed fact, they are generally categorized as either floor standing or bookshelf speakers. Even from the two categories, someone can guess straight away that there is a big difference. Typically, bookshelf speakers tend to be around one-foot tall and are perfect for different scenarios. For instance, looking for an audiophile speaker to set up their home theater for the bedroom or living room could go for these options.

Floor-standing models, on the other hand, are over three-feet tall. Meaning these devices are perfect for an individual looking to satisfy the need for a larger space. This could be for a den or basement or even for a small party in the open. Depending on what a user goes for, each of these sizes meets different needs, and size greatly influences that audiophile experience. It is somehow basic, though it can differ with other factors that a bigger speaker will be louder.


Drivers are part of the Speaker responsible for producing sound. Here, the basic knowledge is that larger drivers are better at producing that needed bass but can also vary based on other factors. For instance, the speaker’s serial, power, and location of the responsible factors may influence this.

Passive Vs. Active

Generally, audiophile speakers also differ as either passive or active. This, in essence, means the Speaker can be unpowered or powered, respectively. Active speakers have everything put in one place, including the volume controls, a preamp, and other inputs, all on the speakers themselves. In contrast, the passive models have no amplification built on them and usually require users to connect them to a receiver for them to work.

The Brand 

Honestly, the operation and delivery of a speaker will vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. While other producers are known for their top-of-the-line speakers, others have nothing substantial to offer to users. The market is chock-full of alternatives. It also makes perfect sense when someone goes for something of the highest quality imaginable.

As aforementioned, it can be quite hard to settle on a given audiophile speaker and name it as the best. This usually calls for many considerations, tests, and the collection of opinions from different users. However, that doesn’t also limit public opinion from sharing a few tips on the best.

For example, the Bowers & Wilkins 606 Bookshelf speaker can top the list of one of the best speakers around today. Everyone with their preferred music genre will enjoy the tunes that get incredibly detailed and fulfilling to listen to. Thanks to its technology, which allows for controlled airflow through the driver.

ELAC is not also left in this list because they have been renowned for a long time to be world-class with their products. To anyone who prefers this given brand and is looking for ELAC’s best audiophile speaker, only one of them stands out of quality and can meet different needs. ELAC Navis powered Bookshelf Speakers are active speakers optimized to deliver that booming sound right from its special box.

Another brand a user may want to consider is the McIntosh XR100 Floor standing Speaker. And to anyone looking for a perfectly detailed machine, this Speaker will deliver that without any compromise. This Speaker stands out with its unique and sleek design and comes packed with 22 different drivers.

The Bottom Line

It is now common that the choice of an audiophile speaker will narrow down to many considerations. From the fact that they are many in the market to the vast guidelines to put into perspective, getting a speaker will call for more than soul searching and research.

That is to say, every one of these speakers comes with a price tag. So, whenever one is checking on the factors above, the costs will also play a major role. Every Speaker, from any brand and characteristics, will cost a user some significant amount of money. But let no one allow the temptation of spending less to compromise their journey to getting quality products.

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