Factors that can add up the cost in a shifting process

When you hire a professional mover you get an estimate about the price that they’ll charge for the whole shifting process. Some movers in Toronto, Canada, or any other city charge extra if they had to make any extra effort in the process. Besides the moving rate per pound, they may charge extra due to some factors or conditions that require some extra effort. You must ask for everything and get details about every penny you’re about to pay. However, these charges must be included in the estimate given by them. Factors that can increase the total shifting cost will be:


If you live in a house that contains multiple stairs, you have to pay an extra amount to the mover. When a professional mover carries the items up or down the stairs, they’ll most probably charge a bit extra for the hard work. Carrying heavy household items up and down is not easy and if a situation like this happens, the mover will mention it in the estimate given by them in the beginning.

Long Carry Charges

If you live in a narrow street and the moving truck can’t get inside of it, the crew has to carry all of the items from your house to the truck. There’s an additional fee for this which is called “Long Carry Fee” and you have to pay the amount. The professional movers in Toronto, Ontario mention this in their estimate with the total distance to be traveled and the weight of the items carried by them.

Shuttle Service

In addition to the point mentioned above, sometimes the distance from your house and the moving truck is more than what is expected. There’s a situation of the unavailability of space to park that huge moving truck or the presence of power lines that won’t allow the truck to come further. To solve this issue, the movers use a smaller truck or van to shuttle items. The movers charge an additional fee for the shuttle services depending upon the size, area, and distance to be covered by them.

Large and delicate items

If your house contains any large and delicate items that need extra care while lifting, the mover will charge an additional fee for this. The best example would be pianos and large safes, such items are highlighted in the inventory as carrying them is much more difficult. If you have any such items in your house, a discussion with the firm is very important in the beginning.

Considering these factors only a highly professional mover can help you out with the services and the affordability. can be a great option for you if you’re looking for the same. They have been active in the business since 2012 and behold all of the qualities that a great Toronto movers has. They offer services needed for any kind of move that comes with a contract and insurance for your peace of mind. Visit the website for more information.

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