How Do I Choose the Best Country for an Overseas Education?

Many young Indians hope to move abroad for their higher education. However, selecting the ideal course and country can seem daunting. Students can pursue a medical degree in America or an engineering one in Australia. If you’d like to understand how to select the ideal destination, we’re here to help. Here are some crucial things you should evaluate before making a decision.

How to Select the Ideal Destination to Study Abroad

Identify Your Areas of Interest

Before shortlisting countries, you must ensure you’re pursuing the right course. What you choose to study now could impact the entire trajectory of your life, so you must pick wisely. It’s a good idea to list your dream career options, interests, hobbies and talents. Identify overlaps to narrow down what you should study.

List Your Country Options

Once you are in on a course you want to pursue, figure out which countries offer the best options. Look for countries that align with your needs. Some may prioritise practical learning over theoretical knowledge and vice-versa. Some countries are also known for various specialities. For example, many aspiring software engineers may want to study in America for quick access to Silicon Valley. On the other hand, Ireland attracts students hoping to pursue healthcare or pharmaceutical sciences.

Check the Eligibility Requirements

Every college lists its eligibility requirements for each course on its website. You must check whether you meet the minimum requirements to secure your seat. For a postgraduate course in America, you must have a minimum of 16 years of education. Additionally, you should check whether you need to complete any entrance exam, like the GMAT or GRE. If you’re heading to an English-speaking country, you must complete a TOEFL or IELTS exam. For other countries, you might have to complete some language certifications before applying to study there.

Check the Visa Requirements and Future Opportunities

Most people who want to study abroad hope to make their destination a full-time home. Always check the visa requirements and processes for various countries. Getting a PR after studying in countries like Canada, Australia and Germany might be easier than in America or the UK. You can still choose to study in those countries, but understanding the visa processes allows you to make an informed decision.

Consider the Costs

Many young students make the mistake of only checking their college tuition while choosing where to go for their higher studies. Since you will live and possibly work there, you must consider the cost of living in that country. Australia and America have the highest university costs. Singapore has a very high cost of living despite more affordable tuition fees. Understanding the cost is crucial but should not prevent you from pursuing your dreams. You can opt for a study loan for abroad to help you meet expenses while studying.

Search for Safety

While looking for the best countries to study abroad, you should consider your safety. You can quickly check the crime rates for various countries and cities before deciding where you want to complete your higher education. Consider whether you will have access to medical facilities around the clock and if public transport is safe and accessible.

Think About Community

Moving abroad for your higher education can seem daunting and overwhelming. The transition becomes easier when you have a community to help you. While looking for countries for your higher education, think about whether you have a social network there. You might have relatives or close friends who already live in a particular country or city. If not, check online college discussion boards to make friends with people from your city who will likely move to the same college as you. Your shared experience of moving together will allow you to rely on each other.

Evaluate the Return on Your Investment

Since you will invest a lot of time and money in your education abroad, you should evaluate the returns you will likely get. Check whether the course and country you select make you job-ready or provide you with better opportunities in the job market. If you’d like to pursue a niche course, you must ensure that it will be valid regardless of where you hope to move in the future.

Consider the Funding

You can apply for an education loan to help you finance your educational aspirations abroad. Various lenders will provide an education loan for study abroad if you meet their eligibility criteria. A secured seat at a recognised or reputed university can enhance your application. Education-focused lenders will help you through the application process and even provide a proof of funds certificate to help cement your admission at your preferred institution.

Once you understand what you’d like to study, you can find the country that offers the best chance of success. You can follow this checklist to evaluate all your options and make an informed decision.

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