The Search Engine Optimisation Industry Explained

You might not be very well-informed regarding Information Technology (IT), yet you are sure to have heard of the term “SEO”, which stands for search engine optimisation, or at least seen it online, and this article aims to give you a basic understanding of what SEO involves.

What Are Search Engines?

The answer is pretty straightforward, you simply type relevant keywords into a search engine window, click on the search icon and hey presto, you will have your results in less than a second! Impressive is the only word that comes to mind. People use search engines for a variety of reasons; it might be to find a specific website, or to verify information as being correct, or, as it is often used, to source services and products.

How Do Search Engines Work?

Generally speaking, a search engine uses a wide range of complex algorithms to find what the searcher is looking for, yet the exact details of how these algorithms are used is a closely guarded secret, with companies like Google being very careful to keep the details a secret. This means there are opportunities for SEO experts to tweak the use of such search engines, and basically, that is what the SEO company does; it improves the rankings of specific websites within a search.

How to Improve a Website’s Search Rankings?

Without going into too much detail, the SEO provider would work with the client and would likely revamp their website to include specific words and phrases in specific locations, such as headings and sub headings. The first thing the SEO specialist would do is search for search terms that are related to your industry; let’s use a Perth roofing company as an example – The SEO company (or บริษัท รับ ทำ SEO as they are called in Thailand) would look at keywords like, ‘roofing companies in Perth’, roofing in Perth’, ‘Perth roofing contractors’ and so on. They would then check how often each of these search terms are actually used, then they would look to include the highest returned search keywords into the client’s website and social media pages.

Online Consumer Behaviour

This is very relevant to the industry, and the average online user that is looking to source a product or service will simply type in the keywords they think are most appropriate and will usually find what they are looking for within the first 10 search results. Online shoppers won’t wait for slow pages to load, they simply move on to the next URL on the search results list, so you must ensure that your pages load fast. You can check how your website ranks by simply typing in relevant keywords into a Google search window and if you are not on page 1, you need SEO services.

Online Solutions

If you would like to explore the he potential that SEO services offer, simply type in ‘SEO services (plus your location) and instantly, a list of local SEO specialists will appear. Once you have made contact, the SEO provider would carry out a thorough audit of your online presence and then they can create a proposal that outlines their plan to boost your search engine rankings.

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