Useful Hints for Custom Corrugated Boxes

If you have just started to manufacture packaging materials or need to do a reline for a shipment, using custom boxes can really save you time and money. This is because you can use boxes of different shapes, sizes and depths to create the specifications that best fit your needs. One of the biggest advantages of using these boxes is that you can add or subtract from the space within the box in order to make it even more efficient.

For example, boxes may be available in a standard size, but can be customized with extra storage compartments or corner compartments to provide more area for standardizing parts. You will have an easier time moving inventory through the warehouse and will pay less in storage costs than what you would pay for individual boxes.

– Use corrugated boxes from that are manufactured from thick gauge cardboard. Cardboard boxes have been proven to last for years and decades, but some companies may use less-quality cardboard to save on production costs. However, thick cardboard boxes are impossible to break and are very useful in storing your inventory. They may cost more, but they will save you money in the long run. Over the life of your boxes, the amount of money you spend on cardboard boxes will be much lower than what you would have spent if you used thinner, cheaper cardboard.

– Never put corrugated boxes on top of Styrofoam. The boxes may fit onto Styrofoam, but the Styrofoam will be damaged by the weight of the box. Corrugated boxes should always be placed on flat surfaces. You can purchase Styrofoam sheets that you can cut to fit, but this is a bit more work. When placing the boxes on top of Styrofoam, you should always lay the sheet on its side, instead of laying it flat. You will avoid damaging your boxes or damaging the integrity of the sheet.

– Corrugated boxes should always be stacked on top of each other. The taller boxes should be placed on the bottom, and the shorter boxes should be placed on top. This will maximize space usage. Another tip for using custom boxes is to place three boxes side-by-side.

– There is an effective way to use corrugated boxes without putting any boxes on top of them. It’s called “top loading”. Basically, all you do is load up one box on top of the other, and each box will slide underneath when filled with inventory. You can adjust the slanted position of each box as needed.

If you want a more useful storage system, custom corrugated boxes might be just what you need. They take up less space, they’re lighter weight, and they can hold a lot of inventory. Just be sure you are using them correctly, and stacked in the right manner, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can store in these boxes.

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