What Types of Services Do Landscape Solutions Provide?

If you are going to work with a specialist landscape solution to help with your landscape upkeep needs, it is essential you understand the different sorts of solutions.

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A few of the most typical solutions are explained here.

  • General Bed Maintenance/Detailing

 This solution consists of weeding, debris removal, ground-cover controlling/trimming, tracking, elimination of invested flowers, as well as the elimination of browning leaves and branches. This is an essential solution because it ensures your lawn maintains its curb appeal throughout the year.

  • Fall/Spring Clean-Up

 An even more thorough cleaning that includes every little thing generally bed upkeep, as well as the addition of perennial, as well as yard separating, compost raking, bed edging, and seasonal perennial trim. These solutions resemble “deep-cleaning” of the landscape 1-3 times each year.

  • Hedging/Pruning

 Trimming, as well as hedging, at the correct time of year for each sort of plant, are paramount to plant health and wellness and flower efficiency. By employing an expert, you have plants pruned at the maximum time for their varieties. Hydrangea is the best example of a plant that should be maintained by specialists or interested gardeners. Pruning is done to preserve dimension or shape, eliminate spent blooms, get rid of diseased/dead limbs, and advertise growth. Hedging is generally forming plants into geometric types. Both are important to the landscape.

  • Landscape Plant Protect and Feed, also Known as Plant Healthcare: PHC

 Plants feed on the nutrients in the soil. Some plants are what we call “heavy feeders.” This suggests they draw a lot of nutrients out of the dirt. Boxwood is a “heavy feeder.” Proactively including a plant protection/feed program in your landscape strategy, you’ll receive feedings details for your soils and plants. You’ll additionally get condition and bug prevention for the typical problems to prevent them from occurring. This can consist of black-spot, other forms of mold, aphids, bagworms, etc. This is dependent upon your service package; however, is important for flourishing plants.

  • Grass Shield as well as Feed

 Grass chemical programs both feed the turf as well as protect against a myriad of pests and conditions such as brown-patch, grubs, and several fungal concerns. The majority of programs are 5-7 step programs that are applied at the perfect time of year for your turf. Weather patterns, as well as irrigation influence grass, so those points must be thought about in conjunction with your turf program. Additional applications are in some cases required throughout super-wet years to regulate dampness relevant concerns.

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