Which Air Compressor To Choose: The Pressure

Before choosing your air compressor with Compressed Air Cost and Savings Calculator Online, you must be aware of the demands of the pneumatic tools you will be working with. There are many factors to consider when looking for your air compressor. But don’t be scared! Leave the pressure to him and keep in mind that the more you are aware of the real needs of your work, the easier it is to choose the compressor. The PCM is a fundamental unit for this choice. Check out!

What Is The Air Compressor For?

Before choosing, let’s remember the function of this equipment. Compressors generate and store compressed air from mechanical movements produced by electrical energy or gasoline and diesel engines. They can be used in various situations, such as spray guns, tire inflation, and dental offices.

Which Compressor To Choose?

Versatile, the air compressor has variations in capacity, power, and output pressure, among other characteristics. Before deciding which air compressor to take, pay attention to these points:

  • Pneumatic equipment to be used
  • Quantity of equipment
  • Working pressure (catalog technical data)
  • Adequate air consumed by PCM equipment (feet)

Always Do Preventive Maintenance

Like any other appliance, compressors need primary care. In addition to cleaning, which we have already discussed above, preventive maintenance is also essential to keep the valuable life of the equipment high. By taking your air compressor in for a checkup, technicians in the field can identify defects that could become even more harmful and costly in the future. So maintenance is essential!

What Is PCM In Compressors?

The PCM is a measure of volumetric flow, that is, the amount by volume of air consumed. From this measurement, it is possible to cross with all the other points above and choose. Check out

When you have the PCM (feet) of all the tools that will be used, add up your PCMs, then add 30% to the value as a safety measure. When choosing your air compressor, you should get close to this value to acquire a compressor that best suits your expectations.

The average consumption in PCM is usually given in the product manual. It is good to say that it is recommended to choose a level a little higher than necessary, as there is a loss in the volumetric efficiency of the compressed air.

A 10 PCM air compressor, for example, can be used in mechanical workshops, woodworking, tire repairs, metalwork, body shops, and marble shops, as well as small and medium-sized companies and service stations. Already one of 40 PCMs, it can do heavier industry and civil construction services.

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