Why you need secure email and attachment solutions

Imagine how many sensitive documents you send through the email without thinking about your security.  Someone may be taking advantage of such confidential documents. If you have not engaged a security professional who will help you secure your data, then you are not safe.  Big brands and organizations have become more conscious of their data security and devised strategies to ensure no unauthorized parties have access to such information. With such companies getting sensitive, the ‘online thieves’ have turned to small businesses and individuals who may not be aware. Thus, if you have to survive in such an environment, then you have to get an email security company that will ensure all your documents; incoming and outgoing are secure.

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The ability to retract and recall

When sending your file through the email, the secure solution will attach an encrypted file and there are keys to decrypt at the point of access. In other words, the file can also be put under temporary holding space and can only be accessed through a specific URL. That means you can recall that file even at the point of opening on the recipient’s side if you are not comfortable. It simply means that you are in control of that email to the point of delivery. Thus your data cannot be disclosed to unintended recipients.

Confidentiality is assured

Who wants to send sensitive information only to realize later that it ended up with unintended party? It is such an embarrassment that can seriously hurt your business. Whenever you are sending information in files through an email, you want the assurance that such information is intact. This is only possible through encryption by a sensible cryptographic cipher and some key length that renders unauthorized parties helpless. Key management is commonly done through cloud or High Security module (HSM) and the choice will depend on the email security provider or your preference.

Can be used to send, read and download Receipts and invoices

Receipts and invoices are sensitive business documents that if accessed can lead to huge business losses. Encryption of these ensures that there is ‘keys request’ at the point of opening and therefore unauthorized persons have no access. Such are paired with an authentication stage and thus access and download are restricted. Therefore you can come back later and open your receipts for review.


Secure email and attachment service ensures that you Send secure Large Files and are in control of the email until it is opened by the intended recipient and enough restrictions are placed on the sent files so that even after access, the file may be rendered unavailable and therefore if one has to access it in the future, they may require new keys. For instance, a secure email service will limit the downloads to a certain number so that when you exceed such, you’ll need authorization to continue. With a sensitive file, you could have a window of a limited time and then the file is not available anymore.

Many individuals, companies and businesses have incurred big losses due to lack of enough security measures in sending files through emails. As a business owner you don’t want to lose all that you have worked for or even get into serious legal issues due to lack of email security. Get a reliable email and attachment solution provider and safeguard your confidentiality.

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